Lighting the Path

"It's A Busy Day!"

That’s what a community leader declared at Sinceni Primary School, Swaziland, at an April Luke Commission mobile hospital outreach.

Smartly dressed in a suit and tie despite the 90-degree temperature, this man sported an eclectic smile.  His walk indicated purpose and tenacity.  After all, The Luke Commission had come to his area.  It did, indeed, promise to be a busy day.

Meanwhile, TLC staff leader Sipho Mabuza talked to many, many boys gathered in the schoolyard.  When he was commended for speaking clearly and convincingly, Sipho replied:  “It is a gift given to me by my Lord.  It’s not me.”

See the Stats

2013 Services Delivered to Rural Communities 

  • Medical Patients Treated - 36,129
  • Eye Glasses Fitted - 6,765
  • Blood Pressure & Sugar Tested - 24,326
  • Surgeries Sponsored - 43
  • Patients Tested & Counseled for HIV - 7,045
  • Wheelchairs/Adaptive Equipment Fitted - 320
  • Cataracts Referred - 52
  • HIV/TB Referrals Tracked - 1,532
  • Laboratory Services Rendered - 1,547
  • TB Screenings Completed - 11,875
  • Prevention-of-Mother-to-Child HIV Service Provided - 132


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