Maximize the Miracle

February 11th is more than three days before Valentine's Day for The Luke Commission in Swaziland.

Oh, it's full of love, God's love, magnified by you - our supporters' love.

It's the one-year anniversary of the Miracle Campus, the day Harry & Echo signed a contract to buy 30 acres of prime land to build a permanent base for TLC's operations and a training center to reproduce the mobile clinic model in other countries.  

Showers of blessing have descended on that piece of property ever since.  For every dollar TLC donors give, a Colorado donor is matching three times; but we need that one dollar to capture the next three.

Please help us Maximize the Miracle--the miracle of the land and now the miracle of the buildings!  The materials for the next three buildings are on four containers currently crossing the ocean, thanks to the generosity of Ken and Rae from Colorado.

Lighting the Path

500 Miles, 2 Inspired College Students, All Part of Larger TLC Story

Two young men from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Ohio biked 500 miles and netted $8,508 for The Luke Commission. 

It was spring break with a purpose for 20 college students. 

Cody Raudebaugh and Mitchell Adams started last year pondering how they could support The Luke Commission Compassionate Medicine in Swaziland.

That wondering took shape in the form of a question, according to University Chaplain Joe Noonen. Could Cody and Mitch cast a vision to our campus community to ride from MVNU to Washington, D.C., to raise money and awareness? 

So much more to this story... Read on...

Film & Campaign

TLC is collaborating with the NEVER A NEVERLAND FILM & CAMPAIGN to share the story of Swaziland and the solution we and others are bringing to offer help and hope to this beautiful kingdom. 

Please go to to learn more and 'like' the NEVER A NEVERLAND facebook page to follow the journey of the documentary film and campaign featuring TLC.

TLC Tagged on FB

Travis wrote: "Anyone looking to say "Happy Birthday?" Here's how:

I'm 33 today... so for this birthday I'm hoping that 33 of you (friends, family, colleagues, and everyone) will wish me an extraordinarily joyous birthday by donating $10 to The Luke Commission -- thereby being a part of saving 33 lives.

I've been privileged to be a part of fundraising for TLC with MVNU students and other universities. We take seriously our call and responsibility to help curb the AIDS epidemic in Swaziland, Africa. Sure... there are lots of ways to give to missions and other causes but I've been able to know about the difference that is happening Swaziland -- a county that without help is slated for extinction due to the AIDS epidemic. This fall, I met with Harry Echo VanderWal who are on site in Swaziland. MVNU students have traveled to Swaziland to assist with AIDS testing and counseling. Lives are quite literally being saved and people are being exposed to the love of God and hope of new life.

One $10 gift provides one testing kit for one person. If more than 33 of you are able to give, then I'm hoping to use additional giving to outfit 33 Swaziland children with football (soccer) shoes. The VanderWal boys enjoy playing the sport but the children play without shoes or equipment. 33 players equals 3 teams of 11 and lots of hopeful smiles in a place that needs hope.

To give, you may use the link below or personally give me $10 and I will process the donation. If you give online, please let me know... it would be a great birthday gift!

33 for 33! Let's do this.

See the Stats

2013 Services Delivered to Rural Communities 

  • Medical Patients Treated - 36,129
  • Eye Glasses Fitted - 6,765
  • Blood Pressure & Sugar Tested - 24,326
  • Surgeries Sponsored - 43
  • Patients Tested & Counseled for HIV - 7,045
  • Wheelchairs/Adaptive Equipment Fitted - 320
  • Cataracts Referred - 52
  • HIV/TB Referrals Tracked - 1,532
  • Laboratory Services Rendered - 1,547
  • TB Screenings Completed - 11,875
  • Prevention-of-Mother-to-Child HIV Service Provided - 132