"I want to thank The Luke Commission for giving me a second chance in life. When you found me in the bush I was like the man who had leprosy in Mark 1:40-42 and you healed me."
Lwazi Lishaba, 13 year old who was about to lose his leg because of a postsurgical infection.

Who Are We?

Operating in Swaziland since 2005 under the direction of Dr. Harry and Echo (PAC) VanderWal, The Luke Commission (TLC) takes free health care and the Good News of Jesus Christ to the most isolated and underserved populations, in partnership0 with the Swazi people and the Ministry of Health.

Swazis who live in remote areas are the poor, the elderly, the children, and the ill. Often those who are sickest return to their rural homesteads to seek final care from relatives.

This is where TLC intercedes, usually holding clinics at bush schools. Patients are tested, counseled and ushered into treatment for HIV/AIDS. Those suspected of having TB are x-rayed and started on medications. 

Circumcisions are performed in an on-site operating room free for older boys and men. Studies show the HIV transmission rate is cut 60% in circumcised males.

School children are treated for skin and intestinal problems, as well as given Scripture booklets. Bibles are distributed with the goal of putting one Bible into every Swazi homestead. Only since 1996, has the Bible been translated in SiSwati. PET bush wheelchairs are provided for those with mobility limitations. TLC medical personnel access the need, and the carts are assembled at the rural clinics specifically for the handicapped. 

Follow-up treatment for the patients with advanced AIDS and various cancers is offered by The Luke Commission. Those with poor eyesight receive reading glasses and, if necessary, scheduled for free cataract surgery.

Packets of medications for common diseases and illnesses are handed out by the hundreds of thousands, each prescribed by a doctor with instructions on usage in SiSwati.

Patients receive prayer before they see a doctor. No one is forced to be in these prayer groups, but Swazis understand that physical and spiritual go together. Thus, the name of Jesus Christ is exalted at every clinic in every department.  

The VanderWals work with a team of highly-trained, treating more than 25,000 patients a year. Rural communities, with little or no health care services, willingly embrace TLC’s aggressive, compassionate approach to fighting HIV/AIDS and TB.