“The Luke Commission is playing an important role in Swaziland, not only on health service delivery but also on making Christ known to many Swazis.”

Dr. Bitchong, Chief Medical Officer. RFM Hospital. Manzini, Swaziland

Typical Day in the Bush

  • Team of ten Americans and 15 Swazi translators leave base camp in Manzini and travel to remote areas of Swaziland. Entourage consists of three vehicles and two utility trailers shipped from the US.
  • Hundreds of Swazis are welcomed. The team explains how the clinic will operate and that everything is free.
  • Blood pressures and sugar levels are determined for each patient.
  • Prayer is offered for each patient if so desired.
  • Each patient is treated by a doctor or a physician assistant.
  • Patients then are given medications, purchased in Swaziland, to treat their illnesses. Each individual is verbally told how to use the medication.
  • Patients receive 6 to 10 different medications. Each patient receives a one-month supply of vitamins, extra pain-relief medicine, and intestinal worm medication for every member of the family. Written directions in SiSwati are printed on on each medication packet.
  • Those with eye problems are tested with a portable auto refractor and computer program specifically designed for these bush clinics. Then appropriate eyeglasses are dispensed from the database of 3,500 donated eyeglasses that have been read in the US and bar-coded with the exact prescription of each eyeglass.
  • Voluntary HIV testing and counseling is offered to everyone at the mobile clinics.
  • If patients so choose, they can watch a movie depicting the life of Jesus while the clinic activities continue.
  • At some clinics, activities are conducted for the children.
  • If desired, Bibles and Scripture booklets are distributed to patients.
  • Often, new clothes are given to AIDS orphans and the "vulnerable."
  • Every other day while we're at base camp in Manzini preparing for the next bush clinic, new mothers in the maternity and pediatrics wards of Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital are visited and presented with new clothes for their babies.

A Day in TLC