Short Term Volunteers

Volunteers are responsible for raising their own funds for travel and ministry. The Luke Commission will support you with printed materials for mailings and information to assist you with fundraising. Please email Rebekah with questions.

What Do Volunteers Take Home?

Many volunteers from America are working with Harry and Echo and the Swazi team this summer. Each person brings his own expectations and talents but leaves Swaziland knowing he has received more than he has given.
We hope you feel that way about your donations, too.  God stretches your resources to touch the lives of hurting and often- forgotten Swazis, young and old.
One young nurse had these thoughts as she prepared to return to the U.S. after a month with TLC:
“I will take home with me a mind awakened to the reality of death and poverty around the world, eyes that have seen intense sickness and suffering, ears that have heard praises and joyfulness amidst suffering, a mouth which can testify to the goodness of God, hands which have served countless Swazi people (and delivered a Swazi baby), a heart overcome with compassion for Africa, and a spirit deeply changed and renewed by the witness and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
You continue to be an integral piece of The Luke Commission “puzzle” as we crisscross Swaziland with free medical care and the Gospel.  Thank you!
Janet Tuinstra for Dr. Harry and Echo (PAC) VanderWal 

Sights & Sounds of Swaziland - Children, the fortunate ones, walking to school in uniforms handed down from many siblings. Shoes are required, but socks are a luxury…
Janet Tuinstra, For TLC




Below are a few of our short term members testimonies. We invite you to read how their lives and the lives of the people in Africa have been touched by this ministry.    

Kalvin Tuinstra 

Jan Tuinstra 

Grace Minor 

Carrie Minor


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