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Hundreds Pass thru Pharmacy Line, but Notice This Young Lady

When you write a thank-you letter from the Swaziland side of the story, the reality of your relevance is amplified.

Every afternoon, evening, and late night, hundreds pass through the pharmacy line. Each receives free medicines and usage instructions. Each is precious to God, but some especially touch our human hearts.

One beautiful young lady was covered in black mourning garb from her ankles to the black cloth wound around her head. We see many widow who wear black for a year or two, but this lady stood out because she carried a crying baby and was of such a tender age herself – a mere 23 years, her doctor’s card stated.

The obviously-ill infant needed antibiotics, Tylenol, worm medicine. The mother had learned some English in school, enough to tell us her son had died in February, her husband last December, and now in April her baby was sick.

If she and her baby do not receive the intervention TLC so often provides these days, they, too, will become part of the AIDS statistics… 

Regular donors like you make The Luke Commission ministry. Thank you for your contributions. The new vehicles are a blessing from you and from God. Now we are praying for funds to replenish the dwindling medication shelves.

Please know little is accomplished here without your sacrifices there.

May Jesus’ name be lifted high.

With gratitude, Janet Tuinstra for The Luke Commission

The ways of the Lord are right; the righteous walk in them, but the rebellious stumble in them.  

Hosea 14:9



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