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Ever wonder just how your contribution to The Luke Commission makes an impact?

Consider this story from an April bush clinic: More than 150 agree to discover their HIV status. This alone is miraculous in a country where denial of the elephant-in-the-room is still the norm.

Those who attend TLC community outreaches would not travel to a city clinic or hospital to determine if they carry the deadly virus, but when The Luke Commission comes to them, “Well, okay Doctor, I think today I should test…”

At this clinic, however, two witchdoctors – man and wife – agree to test. Also known as “traditional healers” (sangomas in SiSwati), this couple make a startling, though silent, confession. They admit, simply by their presence at TLC clinic, that they cannot cure HIV/AIDS. All their remedies prove useless in combating the “death disease.” And are they themselves safe?

The answer, of course, is no. Both the husband and wife test positive. The Luke Commission staff draws their blood. Those samples show one to have a CD4 count of 74 and the other 152. These counts are dangerously low, meaning their immune systems are severely surpressed and cannot combat even simple infections.

The TLC counselor talks with them for an hour and a half. She urges them to come to the TLC campus in Manzini the same week, where Harry and Echo and the staff will cut through red tape and provide necessary documents and referrals, so they can start anti-retroviral drugs immediately.

Your donations make this life-saving process possible. Thank you!

Janet Tuinstra for Harry and Echo and all those on the field

The ways of the Lord are right; the righteous walk in them, but the rebellious stumble in them.  

Hosea 14:9



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