Miracle Campus Happenings are Still Unbelievable

When Luke Commission donors generously purchased 30 acres for The Luke Commission to have its own “home” in Swaziland in 2013, no one could imagine what would happen in just four years. 

It’s unbelievable, except when serving an unbelievable God.

Way back at the beginning, The Luke Commission rented facilities in Manzini for nine years. It was a wonderful beginning, but soon TLC team out grew the location.

The Luke Commission’s headquarters in now in Sidvokodvo, about 25 miles kilometers south of Manzini.

Two years after the initial acquisition in 2015, the adjoining 170-acre farm was added to the aptly named Miracle Campus, thanks, again, to generous supporters.

That farm now grows crops that sustain the cost of producing the crops and also supplies tons of food to be given to 200-staff members, HIV patients, campus patients, and other non-profit organizations in Swaziland.

The campus includes four warehouses, a multi-purpose building with offices and a kitchen, three staff housing units with three more being built, a remodeled structure for patients, and several smaller buildings.   Soon, a Staff Development Centre and a Specialized Care and Surgery Centre will be constructed. 

The “dream” now is to make the MIracle Campus a center for excellence and training for the national staff of 200 and to care for patients who need special care, as well as those who come to TLC’s gate with medical issues.

Just what has TLC done in Swaziland that many say is a model for mobile hospital outreaches in rural communities in other countries, too?

TLC has reached the most underserved, often sickest rural patients by taking 28 medical services to the people where they live. TLC is on the front battle lines, making a difference. 

And the Miracle Campus itself has evolved into a responsible, recognized-though-not-sought medical center.

Therefore, what’s happening on the Miracle Campus is still unbelievable. But happening it is! 

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