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Articles from September 2013

TLC Gives Thousands of TOMS Shoes in One Day

  Taken from one of the few three-story buildings in Swaziland, Inyatsi Construction Company, is this photo of the Manzini city soccer field.  Students line up t...


US Deputy Secretary of State Visits TLC Clinic Site

The Luke Commission is used to having guests visit the rural sites of The Luke Commission’s mobile hospital. Recently, Deputy Secretary of State from Washington DC checked in on The Luke Commission.   ...


Celiwe Gives from Her Heart as She Sees TLC Give

“The Luke Commission loves Christ, walks with Christ, does everything with Christ,” said new Swazi staff member Celiwe Shongwe. “They have open hands, always giving, not hiding anything.” Celiwe continued with tears in her ...


Three Words in 3 Weeks, Say WSU Medical Team

One word per week. Three words in all. That’s how a five-member medical team from Wright State University each summed up their 3-week experience with The Luke Commission. Trial, blessed, humbled. These thoughts tumbled from Dan Lui, a WSU...


500 Miles, 2 Inspired College Students, All Part of Larger TLC Story

Two young men from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Ohio biked 500 miles and netted $8,508 for The Luke Commission.  It was spring break with a purpose for 20 college students. Ready to leave Mount Vernon o...



You may instruct your broker to electronically transfer shares of stock to one of the following with whom we have made arrangements for discounted transaction fees: 

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
DTC Number: 0164
Account Number: 2745-5124
Account Name: Dayton Foundation Depository Inc.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
DTC Number: 902
FFC to Account Number: P72500
Account Number: PBD#W26531009
Account Name: The Dayton Foundation

National Financial Services/Fidelity Investments
DTC Number: 0226
Account Number: 173-179990
Account Name: Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc. 

Provide written instructions to your broker, specifying the number and type of shares to be transferred to The Dayton Foundation. Send a copy to The Dayton Foundation by mail, fax or e-mail. You also may contact Tracie Boshears directly at (937) 225-9967 to make her aware of the incoming transfer.

Be certain to note that the funds should be deposited to The Luke Commission Medical Missions Fund (#7017) at The Dayton Foundation. 

You will receive a confirmation from the Dayton Foundation showing the value of the gift of stock made based on the price when the stock is sold.  Note that the stock is typically sold immediately when deposited into the Dayton Foundation account.  

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