When it’s a lady’s time to deliver a child, God sends help.

That happened today in Eswatini.  A member of Parliament from the Sigcineni area, close to The Luke Commission’s Miracle Campus in Sidvokodvo, telephoned an urgent request.

“Please send assistance.  A woman is having a baby on a dirty road.  She is by herself.”

TLC staff mobilized in minutes with labor and delivery supplies and met the MP.  He took them a mile down the dirt road where the baby was being born.  By then, some women riding in the MP’s truck had stopped.

People and combis pass by as TLC staff members assist a lady giving birth beside the road.


Nurse Rebekah Sartori and TLC’s new physician assistant Lelo Dlamini took over.  They cut the cord since the baby was still attached to the placenta, cleaned the newborn, and wrapped the tiny baby girl in a blanket.  TLC staff members Phindi Zwane, Hloni Dlamini, and Melody Miller also helped.

After TLC nurses assured the new mother and gave her supplies, the MP drove her to a Manzini hospital for further care.

TLC’s Rebekah (left) and Lelo clean and care for a healthy baby girl along a roadside in Eswatini.


Looking back an hour or two: this expectant mother was riding in a combi full of men.  Liswati men do not participate in births.  Therefore, when the lady went into hard labor, the combi driver made her exit the vehicle immediately.  How the MP driver became involved is not quite known, but provision for this lady was evident.

Joy on Rebekah’s face and the sweet slumber of a baby reveal all is well.The nearby mother is relieved, and grateful too.


And on the human side, Liswati staff leaders Rogers Mamba and Sipho Mabuza intend to find the combi driver and emphasize to him that all life is precious, even the lives of a stranger and her almost-newborn.