That’s what three Liswati boys did to get a man to a Luke Commission mobile hospital recently.

Hezekiel Dlamini, age 51, received a PET cart in 2013 when TLC visited his rural community of Luve.

Three boys push, two younger school children ride in the back, and
Hezekiel Dlamini steers the PET cart on their way to a TLC
mobile hospital outreach.


When The Luke Commission returned in 2014, Hezekiel was determined to be there.  He appreciates his PET cart and uses it every day.

However, he wanted to ask for a regular wheelchair, too.

“We came five kilometers this morning with me steering and the kids pushing.”

Hezekiel fell from a truck in 1989 and has been lame ever since.  He can walk ever so little and use one arm slightly.

The father of five children, ages 18, 16, 11, 9, and 5, Hezekiel also received the help of his brother’s boy to run and push him to the rural school where TLC was offering free medical treatment for a day.

Hezekiel waves to TLC staff vehicles on the road to an outreach
just around the next bend…


“I’m thanking The Luke Commission,” said Hezekiel.  “But many days I cannot drive the PET because my arms are not working.   Some days I can use my arms if I go slowly.”

The man is a farmer and, with his wife’s help, grows sweet potatoes, maize, peanuts, and beans.

He loads the produce into the back of his PET cart.  His wife and the kids push the cart while he sells the vegetables in the rural areas.

Holding his youngest child, Hezekiel waits to be treated by the
doctor. He has a couple of maintenance issues with his PET cart, which TLC personnel will solve, too. Hezekiel expresses
his appreciation.


“I am asking for grease for the wheels of my cart and oil for the chain that drives the handles,” said Hezekiel.  “This cart has helped me support my family.”

The Luke Commission is grateful to PET Energy Transportation, which provides the special all-terrain carts, and to Free Wheelchair Mission, which provides regular wheelchairs.  They are assembled at TLC outreaches and given to those who need and are able to use them, as assessed by TLC’s medical personnel.

TLC staff member Sibusiso Gama presents new wheelchairs to TLC patients at this rural mobile outreach.


To God be the glory!

Janet Tuinstra for the whole Luke Commission team everywhere