A young man stood in front of the pharmacy window. He was first in line now, but he had been moving slowly forward for the past half hour.

He hobbled on one broken down crutch and slowly handed his prescription sheet to TLC’s staff member.

“Do you have any new sticks,” he asked in SiSwati.

“Sorry, we do not have crutches right now,” was the answer. The week before, the last pair in stock had been given.

Though quite young, this man had suffered a stroke which immobilized one whole side of his body, although his affected hand could still grasp.

The need for crutches was apparent. With Liswati manners, he did not outwardly act disappointed and thanked TLC staff for his medications.

“Wait right over here,” said the staff member. “Let me check, just to make sure.”

The staff member found national staff Sibusiso, who loads and assembles wheelchairs and PET carts for each TLC mobile outreach.

“Sibusiso, I know we were all out of crutches last week. We didn’t happen to get a new stock of them, did we?’

With a smile that’s as bright as the southern Africa sun, Sibusiso replied: “Oh, yes we did. Late yesterday they arrived, and this morning I put a couple of pair on the truck just before we left the Miracle Campus.”

Miracle, indeed.

Just a little smile for the camera but his eyes are aglow ​as this young man thanks The Luke Commission for his new crutches.

When presented with his new pair of sticks, the thankful man hugged each crutch to his body. God’s perfect timing, once again.

by Janet Tuinstra, constantly amazed by the Amazing One