English may be Ntsetselelo Mkhumbuza’s second (or third) language, but his email sent to The Luke Commission’s executive directors was elegant and heartwarming.

The subject line read: “I Can See My Eyes are back to normal.”

“Free eyecare to people who can’t afford it isn’t a charity hand-out. Blindness stops their ability to work.  They are impoverished by blindness.  Free eye surgery unlocks the patient’s economic-earning potential, allowing them to care for their children and families! It is a vital link.  A connector.  A bridge to freedom from the bondage of blindness,” said Echo VanderWal.

Here is Ntsetselelo’s email in its entirety, after he introduced himself and his rural area of residence:

“A friend referred me to your organization after a lengthy complaint of suffering. My left eye was sore and developing some white stuff I did not understand. This thing kept growing and the pain was unbearable.

“Suffering helplessly is suicidal. Even if there was help elsewhere, I could not afford it, as I have been job seeking for over 5 years now. I do not have the necessary resources, and I thank God for you people. It’s a Miracle.

“Having paid nothing and enduring a little pinch of pain during the procedure, now I see vividly.

“You will forgive me for this email. It may not be of expected standards, but I believe it conveys my message, as I have used my cellular phone to type it.

“I want to say from the lowest volunteer to the staff, to the leadership and directorate of the Luke Commission, to the donors and finders, partners, prayer partners, and everyone else involved in anyway in the project – may God Almighty bless you! May the Lord God increase your territories, in Jesus Christ’s name I pray.

“I ask you to bring these changes in some way to others. With love”

Ntsetselelo Mpendulo Mkhumbuza and wife Bongisile M Dlamini

​P.S. We are excited to announce the kick-off of our second eye surgical session starting tomorrow!