Our hearts are touched this Thanksgiving as we represent you by reaching tens-of-thousands with comprehensive, compassionate mobile medical hospital care. In 2016, you and 160 TLC staff took a step of faith and deployed a second team to meet the urgent health needs of the rural Liswati nation.

Through your partnership, you’ve saved lives in rural communities where transport is not readily available and cost prohibitive. Seven year-old Mazwathini is one of these boys. Harry diagnosed him with atypical tuberculosis causing severe physical deformities.

Three years later, Mazwathini’s mother Cebsile, came back to say “many, many thank you.” Cebsile remembers taking her son to the hospital, “but the medications didn’t work. My boy would have died if we had not met The Luke Commission that day,” she explained.

TLC occupies a primary school for the day and offers 27 medical services. This year TLC completed 91 mobile hospital outreaches serving 280 chiefdoms, and delivered more than 357,000 medical services.

This growth has required TLC to develop rapidly a permanent campus in Sidvokodvo in the heart of Eswatini. We purchased 35 acres in early 2013 and added 172 acres in 2015. Facilities are being built to broaden and to deepen healthcare across the country.

The operational investment in the second medical team cost $1.5 million dollars in 2016 – including salaries/benefits, fuel, maintenance costs, direct program costs for consumables and equipment, patient transport along with staff training and development. Could you provide a year-end gift to sustain the expansion of the second team?

Thanks for journeying with us. Jesus has shown his favor through supporters like you.

Echo VanderWal
Executive Director

Sun sets on Miracle Campus. Thank you for remembering Eswatini.

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