The Miracle Campus is the hub of The Luke Commission, with spokes that reach into all the corners of Eswatini. Here, one of eight containers to arrive in 2016 is unloaded into one of TLC’s warehouses.


Hustle and bustle, patients and staff, is the order of any day at the Miracle Campus. We end 2016 with gratefulness and enter 2017 with expectancy.


Sugar beans were harvested from hand-picked piles on The Luke Commission’s newly-acquired farmland. HIV patients and 160 staff members are eating better these days, even during a country-wide drought, and thanking God for the bounty.


Completed and completely-occupied staff housing (above) will be enlarged with these two new buildings (below). TLC’s Liswati team members come from all parts of Eswatini. In order to serve rural patients all hours of the day and night, most need to live on campus at least during the week.


Patients await cataract and other eye surgeries at the TOB (Temporary Operations Building) – the only building that was on the Miracle Campus three and one-half years ago. Now, the TOB houses patients and overflow of staff. TOB reminds us daily of God’s favor.


Construction and more construction on the Miracle Campus. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you, to all the partners who have donated materials, equipment, and labor since 2013.


“We trust the people in red-shirts,” rural Emaswati say.


New heights we’re gaining everyday. Still praying as we travel on. Lord, plant our feet on higher ground.