When rain comes, no matter the temperatures or the circumstances, Emaswati celebrate. They proclaim, “It’s a blessing.”

That happened at a recent Luke Commission outreach. The day had been hot, hot, normal February in Eswatini but also sweltering more than typical. A rainstorm blew over mid-afternoon, and again in early evening when patients were still being treated and procedures still being performed in the surgery department, and finally a gushing downpour as TLC staff tore down and packed up the rural mobile hospital…

We simply had to take some photos. We share them with you here. Raindrops may be difficult to capture but not this day.

Imagine the sounds of the rain beating against tin roofs, the smells of fresh rain and soaked clothing, the thoughts and dreams of those who will walk home as soon as they receive medicines and eyeglasses and shoes… as soon as it lets up a little.

In recent years, Eswatini has endured drought. This year seems to be different – answers to fervent prayers of many. It rains and rains and rains. And it rains some more. “It’s a blessing!”

by Janet Tuinstra