Baptism tells the world, especially those watching, that Jesus has become your Lord, that the powers of darkness have been stunned and negated by the blood of Christ.

It’s an outward sign of an inward declaration.

Following a three-day Life Training Seminar, TLC staff with Potter’s Wheel Church teachers, gather for the baptism of eight persons, including four new believers in Christ.


Little observers talk about what’s happening.

Baptisms among Luke Commission staff are frequent and celebratory. We share photos here of many who have been baptized recently, as well as words spoken by staff during these magnificent moments:

“I thought I was walking with Jesus. But I have been playing. God is revealing so much new in my life. We at TLC will not be the same again.”

“We are here to get our spiritual armor. Wherever I go now, I will wear it.”

“I had a problem forgiving my father. Now I can be baptized with a clean heart.”

“I’ve wanted to be baptized for a long time but didn’t know who to tell or how to do it. You have made it simple and explained everything.”

“I’ve learned you do not go into Jesus’ presence and come out the same. I had a grudge against the aunt I lived with when I was young. I was very angry. She was a heartless person. But I must forgive her. I do.”

“We Emaswati do not like to put our heads under water. I am afraid. But I know others are watching, so I will be brave. I want to bury my old life and live this new forgiven one.”

“Christ is our father. He gives TLC direction. Now I want him to lead me, too.”

Let the laughing, singing, dancing, clapping begin…



It’s a joyous time.


Pastor Brian and Pastor Vusi officiate and bless.


One by one, life by life, future by future.



Even a young international staff daughter requests this be her day to publicly declare her faith in Jesus.


Another Sunday and another occasion: Pastor Brian and Pastor Lloyd baptize TLC staff at Potter’s Wheel Church.


Coming up a new man…


Staff leaves the waters but take the experience and encouragement of baptism of others with them.