Children came to the Miracle Campus, too, during the recent CARES (Comprehensive and Restorative Eyecare Services) session. Parents and grandparents sought special help for their youngsters, amid all the elderly who came for cataract plus other eye surgeries.

It’s these little ones in photos and in comments we’d like to share today.

May their smiles, even their frowns, touch our hearts with thankfulness for the gift of sight and thankfulness for the gift of children.

“Help my baby, please.”


“Let’s look at your eyes, Sisi.”


“Don’t be afraid, Little One.”


“It’s a privilege to serve the citizens of Eswatini.”


“You said my daughter can be helped in two years when she is older.”


“I am happy for all you can see today, and soon I will walk..”


“We love the rain. The children with the patches coming off can see the raindrops with us.”


“We like watching the patches come off other kids’ eyes.”

Standing out especially is a story of a boy and a girl who did not know each other until they came to the Miracle Campus, but they became friends. They both had cataracts blocking their views of the world and each other. That’s no longer so…

“My grandma sits with me before surgery.”


“Soon their patches will be removed.”


“Many of us need a little help to see well.”


“What can you see now, my grandson?”


“We all have new glasses. We all see better.”


“Thank you, The Luke Commission.”

“You’re welcome!” (TLC team, JT)