While the church section of the Staff Development Centre is being built, church is already happening all over the Miracle Campus.

Gugu (left) explains how forgiveness sets the “forgiver” free, no matter how great the past hurts.

This might take a little explanation, but this church makes us laugh out loud while we cry out to God. He hears. We stand back and marvel. It’s so unbelievable it’s believable.

She came to praise her Savior.

The Staff Development Centre will also be a church for the Sidvokodvo community and TLC staff of more than 400. That’s the fact of the matter. It’s been a progression from staff development to a house of worship.

A call for salvation or rededication to Christ deeply touches Miracle Campus guests.

However, the Holy Spirit seldom waits for normalcy or construction deadlines. And, indeed, He is not now either.

Thank you, Jesus!

Sunday church gatherings for patients have convened in the intermediary hospital (TOB), and other days of the week under the roof of the Specialized Care and Surgery Centre (SCSC), in a vehicle warehouse (W1), inside and outside of the Multi Purpose Room (MPR).

Prayer, prayer, and more prayer.

In addition, church happens every evening at TOB when Scripture is read, songs of praise are sung, and new patients are given the opportunity to accept Christ. In fact, every new patient, even if he or she is at the Miracle Campus simply for daytime treatment is given spiritual assessment and counseling, as well as predictable physical treatment.

Joy to behold.

Wonder who preaches and teaches? The list includes a variety of people from Pastor Brian to Pastor Tim to Pastor Zakes to Pastor Kevin (via video) to Gugu to Christopher to Zonke to Mbongiseni. Others preach with their lives, with their care for those who are sick and often forgotten, with their hundreds of acts of kindness, and with regular Bible studies led by many staff women and men.

Another church service when participants warm up with singing and dancing. “And the glory of the Lord came down.”

Services are translated into SiSwati and English. Every workday starts with prayer circle, Scripture reading and interpretation and, yes, prayer.

Preach it, Pastor Zakes!

Christopher said of his new role as a TOB preacher: “Only God can do this in us. All glory needs to go to Him. It’s very exciting. When I listen to Gugu preach about forgiveness, I see miracles happen.”

Zonke (left) translates for Pastor Tim at an evening service during a CARES eye surgery session. Tim said he especially appreciates speaking to the elderly of Eswatini who often cannot get to church.

The word “church” means “these called out ones.” These ones are having church, even while the Staff Development Centre is under construction. Treasures, indeed.

Prayer cleanses, wherever and whenever.


Services have grown every Sunday morning since they were started at TOB.


“Speak to my heart, my God.”


“Let the little children come unto Me.”


Where there is peace…


More and more are coming to worship on the Miracle Campus.


(by Janet Tuinstra)