She was not sure how old she was or what happened yesterday, but Lizzy knew she was in the middle of something unexpected that brightened her day.

It was Christmas and New Year season on the Miracle Campus at the TOB intermediary hospital. Some staff members came unannounced with presents for all the patients.

Lizzy was one of those. Her sister Zodwa was with her, explaining some of the events as they unfolded.

Lizzy has a sore on her leg, which became infected. The infection spread. When she arrived at the campus gate, The Luke Commission medical team immediately sent her to Raleigh-Fitkin Memorial Hospital in Manzini to get her leg debrided – the infected skin cut away.

Then Lizzy was returned to the Miracle Campus, so the dressing on her wound could be changed, and the elderly lady cared for.

When asked how old she was, LIzzy answered, “Last time I checked, I was 60.”

She smiled, ducking her head in a comical posture, for she appeared to be not a day under 85 years, and maybe many years beyond.

Lizzy’s bed was wheeled into the middle of the Christmas Day activities. She held on to her big bottle of pop, thanking all for her “wonderful gift.” She clapped when other patients danced and sang.

“We came from very far,” her sister Zodwa said. “You are taking good care of her, I’m so happy she is getting help.” Zodwa was not sure of her elder sister’s age either. After all, youthfulness makes up for lots of years.

(by Janet Tuinstra)