A new eye and a new walking stick have given Zacheus Shongwe a new lease on life in his seventies.

Zacheus and his fourth wife, Tengekile Dlamini, came to The Luke Commission Miracle Campus recently during a surgical eye session. But TLC’s commitment to comprehensive healthcare meant that Zacheus would get more than just a restored eye…

“I have been treated very well here,” he said. “After the wash on my eye (cataract surgery), I received this new walking stick. It will help me stand straight like a man.”

Babe Zacheus leans on his new walking sick surrounded by Bekamusa (left) and Sabelo, TLC staff members. “It’s much stronger than my old walking stick,” says Zacheus.

The father of 17 children plus the 6 children he had with his last wife, Tengekile, Zacheus supported everyone when he was younger as a “harvester,” another name for a farmer.

“I had much land given to me by the chief to farm,” he noted. Specifically, he grew cotton as well as food for his large family.

Zacheus and his wife Tengekile thank TLC for “fixing my eye and letting me stand straight like a man.”

“I’m very happy for the way your treated my husband,” said Tengekile. “I wish my daughter could come work for The Luke Commission.”

Tengekile lives with Zacheus. His other three wives live nearby in different houses. “Sometimes it was difficult with so many children,” Zacheus admitted. “But they are grown and living their own lives now.”

With a smile and a new spring in his step, Zacheus added: “Thank you for my walking stick, for my eye, and for the kindness you have shown me here. I heard that The Luke Commission would help me, and that has happened more than I thought possible.”

(by Janet Tuinstra)