Easter may well be the most celebrated holiday in Eswatini.

In recognition of Liswati culture and, more importantly, in remembering Christ’s death and resurrection, The Luke Commission staff are given extra days off to attend “campouts” with their various churches, where worship and thanksgiving extend for three or four days.

On the eve of this special weekend, 90 TLC leaders gathered for dinner together and offered testimonies that touched listeners and speakers alike. Here are a few of those highlights.

“The executive directors have invited us to their home to celebrate the risen Christ. We know this is our home, too.”

“I’m watching TLC grow and grow. We are training more people, so all of Eswatini (Eswatini) can be helped.”

“I could not see the leader in me, but the Holy Spirit told me it’s not too late to start over to improve my character. Now I lead, but He is still improving my character.”

After leading in the song “It’s a Wonderful Day”, this man said: “I like the one team.”

“When I came here, I only knew books about medicine. I’ve found life goals here. TLC mentors me in the Word of God.”

“I only have 40% of what TLC has been teaching me about taking care of patients with real compassion. I’m happy to be working on the other 60%. I’m grateful for my DAs (direct authorities) to qualify me for life.”

“I hope to see these same faces in five years.”

“When patients come that we know we cannot help medically, our counselors offer them the peace of knowing Jesus. Maybe they will die the next day, and then we medical people realize that God brought them to TLC to receive Jesus. I appreciate working with such a team.”

“We work together to bring about things we could not do on our own. We change this country.”

“Please remember we must show love to those who are very, very sick.”

“As leaders, we are growing people. We may be like Moses and not cross into the Promised Land ourselves.”

“We are striving to reach all the people who need help. Let’s always take the next step.”

“Thank you for being close to my family when we had challenges.” (The men surrounded this man and prayed for him and the loss of his child.)

“Many of our relatives have been touched by The Luke Commission and gone from almost dead to alive again.”

“When I came here, I was a boy. Now I am a man.”

“As TLC grows, I also go forward.”

“Thank you for the good food tonight. I pray every day that I must walk in Jesus.”

“I like the lesson of respect that I’ve learned here. Don’t leave the life of respecting one another.”

“I’ve worked with many people here with many different characters. God has taught me to be flexible.”

“I’ve been at TLC a long time, but what I saw at TOB (hospital) this week changed my heart and mind. Thank God that He has given us people to take care of such patients.”

“I’m praying to God to give us more people, more buildings, more wisdom, and more courage.”

“I thank management for encouraging me to be a leader.”

“I like the Look for Solutions in our DNA. I have learned not to say I can’t do it, that I’m finished…”

“The Bible studies we have surround us in everything else we do.”

“When I look back, I see God and TLC has rescued me from things I should not have been involved in.”

“Don’t run away when God calls you. I’ve learned that.”

(From a new team member in the US, via phone) “Even though we’re far away, we are part of your team.”

“Sometimes the work is hard. But we are changing our country.”

“I’m grateful to work for the land I call home.”

“I appreciate the every-last-one goal, but that’s a big number. How can we do that? We plan for the supernatural and what we can do.”

“God has called us to walk on water. That’s scary and uncomfortable.”

“When we see the weaknesses in someone, we should look for their strengths, instead. We rewrite the story, rather than writing them off.”

“The death and resurrection of Jesus reminded me of the death of my blindness and the resurrection of my sight.”

“We work hard together. But sometimes we just sit here together and praise Him.”

“You picked someone from the forest and trained him. That’s me.”

“Leaders have been investing in me, so I must invest in others.

“We do not see miracles like they happen on TV. But we see miracles happening every day. We see miracles happening in the kitchen. (laughter) How can all those people be fed everyday by such a small team.”

“We must keep giving more love as people come through the gate.”

“Base Camp (TLC’s onboarding program for new staff members) was tough. I was full of complaining. But I learned the attitude of gratefulness and about forgiveness. I’ve learned much professionally, also.”

“When I got done medical school, I did not know much. Others here have taught me well. I never prayed for patients before I came to TLC. Now I do.”

“When I was new here, I would think of a patient — ‘Please don’t die on my shift.’ Now I realize that when our patients die, we are handing them over to Christ.”

“TLC is all over Eswatini, taking care of Emaswati. How wonderful is that.”

“It’s a challenge to be a leader, but we must ask God for wisdom, and humble ourselves.”

“We go out and come back every day and many nights.”

“We are been chosen for this generation, not doing just what we want to do, but what God wants us to do.”

“You are each playing a role in my life.”

“This is a great life.”

“Don’t tell God how big the storm is. Tell the storm how big your God is.”

“We want the Liswati nation to see compassion in medicine.”

“This is a wonderful team, helping me to develop spiritually. This is not just work; it’s a home.”


(Cordially complied by Janet Tuinstra, representing 450 TLC staff)