Dear Luke Commission supporters,

This update is to tie the spring 2007 Eswatini trip altogether and to give thanks – thanks to you and thanks to God.

We’re back in the States processing the recent past and proceeding into the future. Harry and Echo and the boys and Grace are in the East, and Kal and Jan are in the West. Our hearts are still in Eswatini.

When Harry and Echo introduced the team at each clinic, Harry would tell them that the medicine and the eyeglasses were free as a picture of God’s free gift of salvation. He would then tell the hundreds of Emaswati listening that our gifts were purchased with donations from friends in the United States and Canada.

Harry always ended with these words: “Those Christians love you and even now are praying for you.” And, indeed, you were.

It wasn’t until we arrived home that we realized how much you were praying! Thank you, and to God be the glory! Your stories about being prompted to intercede at unusual times, your questions about what has happened to the people mentioned in the updates, your tears and hugs as you greet us all point to your dedication to prayer.

Your hard work and God the Holy Spirit led to the salvation of 4,017 precious Liswati souls. We gave out 4,174 SiSwati and English Bibles. We ran out of SiSwati Bibles at our last clinic (which ironically are printed in China); but you prayed and we had enough. Please start praying for the next shipment which we’re told will take 4 months. We believe God will deliver sooner.

More than 10,800 patients were treated. This includes 7,668 medical patients, 186 tested for HIV, and 3,017 optometry patients. These received about 70,000 packets of medicine.

More than 5,000 clothes and toys were distributed, 2,420 at the clinics and 2,576 at the Manzini hospital. Some 1,600 packets of vegetable seeds were given.

These are just figures, however. At the 33 mobile bush clinics we witnessed Zionists give their lives to Christ, poor in sight allowed to see, children helped with antibiotics, adults relieved of STD symptoms, all relieved from intestinal worms.

We were rewarded all day long with smiles and handshakes of gratitude. Those who watched The Passion often gasped or cried or covered their faces, only to later respond to an invitation to receive Jesus as their Savior. One by one, they came, each receiving eternal life no matter how difficult this earthly life…

And so as our earthly lives here continue with their struggles and joys may we remember the more than 4,000 Emaswati who now know their Creator and have His book from which to draw strength and wisdom and comfort. Thank you for actively anticipating in this great harvest.

Love in Jesus,
Jan for Harry and Echo and the boys, Grace, and Kalvin