Occasionally, eye patients speak fluent English and express their gratitude to The Luke Commission with infectious exuberance.

Such was Tami Gwebu, a 39-year-old Liswati (person from Eswatini).

“This team is fantastic. I’m so happy to be here at the Miracle Campus,” said Tami. “It’s like a hotel. There’s peace here that you are imparting to me. I will use this spirit when I get home.”

Tami (right) encourages an elderly eye patient with TLC staff member Qnaba.

Three months earlier, Tami attended a TLC rural outreach for the first time, especially to ask help for her left eye. “It has been bad for almost a year,” she explained.

When she was brought back to the campus for one of the special surgery sessions of the CARES (Comprehensive and Restorative Eyecare Services), Tami led the older eye patients from place to place and personably assured them that all would be well. She translated from Siswati to English for those who were nervous or scared.

Free Wheelchair Mission donates equipment and supplies for CARES surgeries to help eye patients young and old. That makes The Luke Commission exuberant with appreciation.

When her eye patch is removed the next day after surgery, Tami responds to her sight restored!​

Still single but wanting to be married, Tami lives with her parents and 15-year-old son. When she accepted Jesus a few years ago, she determined “to wait until God gives me the right husband.”

Her cataract surgery was a success. With recovered sight in her left eye, she could not stop smiling and expressing her appreciation.

Tami thanked all The Luke Commission staff. She added, “Please tell those special eye doctors who came to help us that since God could not come in person, he sent them.”

by Janet Tuinstra