The roads to outreaches may be dusty and bending, but they are well traveled alongside bypaths and footpaths.

Most Emaswati reach The Luke Commission outreaches by walking—up and down mountains and hills, over crests and through tall grasses, wending their way while making it look like child’s play.

Follow a TLC staff bus one morning and see for yourself. It’s a journey worth taking. (JT)

Follow the road to one TLC outreach.


The first group of boys to arrive are gathered for health education.


One student on the run…


…Many more are ahead and especially behind.


Take a bypath and a shortcut.


A TLC bus and trailer is on the move.


A grandmother accompanies her younger grandchildren. She will sell what’s in her bucket at the outreach.



Note the first TLC bus to arrive and two large supply trucks. It’s still early morning, so patients and schoolkids just begin to arrive.


Different colors of uniforms convey how many schools are coming. Four, maybe five, schools are represented in this photo.


Determination is sketched on these children’s faces. “We’re almost there.”


From the road most traveled, glance across from one Eswatini mountain range to another.


Another school arrives in the afternoon. The students walked from afar to get here.