This update was compiled before COVID-19 entered Eswatini. Now The Luke Commission is fully engaged in preparing for the pandemic. The team is thankful for the food security offered by the Niagara Christian Gleaners during this unique and uncertain time.

It’s a glorious day on the Miracle Campus when a container of dried food arrives from Niagara Christian Gleaners in Canada. The food will be shared with patients, staff, churches, and other non-profit partners throughout Eswatini in the coming days.

The first container reached the Miracle Campus in November, the second in March. It was like Christmas both days.

Thank you Niagara Christian Gleaners, each and everyone who volunteers in Ontario to harvest and dry vegetables and fruits in abundance to share with people throughout the world. The gift of love is now stored in a TLC warehouse.

Sometimes unloading supervision from TLC staff comes from atop a ladder or inside the container itself. Staff leader Nhlakanipho, on the ladder, said: “When we saw all the food aid, I thought, anything can happen with coronavirus, but we have food!”

Sometimes the bounty is stacked using a tall, tall ladder.

Wrapping the pallets and pallets of good food for storage is a treasured privilege.

Carrots and potatoes for hundreds, no thousands, to enjoy are lifted off the container. Add to these cabbage, zucchini, beets, onions, mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, broccoli, and celery…

Dried food is not heavy, but the impact on families in Eswatini will be very “heavy.”

Oh, yes, take it to the storehouse, these apples and pears.

Patients who come to the Miracle Campus will be given the dried vegetables or fruit when they receive medications from the TLC pharmacy.

TLC staff prepared food hampers for all participants who attended the recent faith leader trainings at TLC. Packages of dried food from the Niagara Gleaners were included in the food gift.