For years, The Luke Commission has been assembling and giving away Mobility Worldwide carts, originally called PETS (Personal Energy Transportation).

TLC gratefully partners with Mobility Worldwide, empowering disabled individuals to move around, even when their legs do not move.

Recently, before COVID-19, the grateful owners of three carts came for medical treatment at a rural outreach.

These carts were given at a Luke Commission outreach several years ago and still allow their disabled owners a measure of movement and independence.

One lady was lying on a mat. Her pull cart sat beside her.

Dudu received her cart six years ago. “I love The Luke Commission for giving this to me. It has been wonderful and comfortable for me,” she said.

Asked if she was seeking a new cart, she answered:  “Maybe someday, but not today. I am still happy with mine.”

Dudu’s version is a wagon-like cart. Her husband, friends, or other family members pull her wherever she needs to go.

Two other standard Mobility Worldwide carts were “parked” outside an outreach treatment room. They, also, had been used extensively by their owners. The carts were still “roadworthy.”

“The Luke Commission is a good friend of people living with disabilities. They always provide a helping hand,” Dudu volunteered in her good English.

Dudu agreed that a photograph or two would be fine. She has lived looking up for almost 30 years but was joyful and engaging.

At age 62, Dudu said she was in an automobile accident in 1991. Her spinal cord was damaged and she can no longer move below her waist. Prior to the accident, she was a high school teacher.

“My husband is a nice guy,” Dudu said. “We love each other, and he’s with me here today.” The couple has four children. “Family planning played a big role,” she laughed.

Exhibiting joy and gratefulness and contentment from her place on the ground, Dudu declared: “God is always right next to me.” (JT)