This is a behind-the-scenes story, because that’s usually where mothers work—quietly, behind the scenes. This true account happened before coronavirus arrived in Eswatini, but it will be repeated during and after the crisis passes.

When The Luke Commission distributes the Miracle Campus harvest with staff members, small but meaningful victories emerge. Yes, behind the scenes.

On one “giveaway” afternoon, employees who had been with TLC for two years or more were given 75kg, about 165 pounds, of mealie meal (maize). All other staff members also received bags of the Eswatini corn staple, the amount depending on their TLC longevity.

Sunrise to sunset, mothers care for the ordinary with grace and determination.

This mother usually buys 25 kg of mealie meal each month when she is paid. It’s intended to make porridge for the whole month. However, when she went home yesterday, only halfway through this month, her children said: “Mama, we cooked the last of the porridge today. We need more mealie meal.”

“I’ll see,” she replied, not knowing how she would get more. She had no money left. She did not blame the children for eating it all up, or say there will be no more. She simply told them, “I’ll see.” Just like mothers throughout the generations, she spared her children, quietly and with love.

“But God was already at work,” the mother of five smiled. “I knew He was, but didn’t know how.”

From the TLC team at the Miracle Campus, we thank mothers everywhere for caring and sharing.

Staff giveaways are always a surprise, kept secret until it’s happening. Unbeknown to the hungry family, twelve hours later this lady had three times as much as her original allotment of mealie meal.

Asked how long 75kg would last, she laughed and answered: “It will last.” That’s what mothers do—make things last.

Meanwhile, a Luke Commission leader announced: “If you have too much, please share with people who have none or who have less than you. Please do not sell. It is a gift from TLC, so we ask you to pass on the gift as you see fit.”

Autumn in Eswatini and a Happy Mother’s Day.

Most of the staff help support children or parents or brothers and sisters. That’s where sharing probably will begin.

Another young mother declared gleefully: “I will give one bag to my mother, one to my father, and keep one for myself and my children.”

More food and necessities were distributed freely by TLC this day, but joy started with the mealie meal and soft smiles on mothers’ faces.  (by Janet Tuinstra)

PS Fathers were among the grateful recipients, too, of course. Next month we’ll honor them.