God’s moving, and we have moved!!! God’s moving, and we have moGod’s moving, and we have moGod’s moving, and we have m Three months after returning from Eswatini, we were able to move into our family “loft,” an apartment built on the 2nd floor of JLZ Enterprises’ shop in Sagle, Idaho.

Our move from Ohio has been long and bumpy…from Ohio last August to Idaho living with Echo’s parents, to Eswatini in September and October, to eastern United States for The Luke Commission speaking engagements in November, back to Echo’s parents’ home in December, January, and part of February.

We have a place to call our American home now – a place for our four boys, a place to store and to sort items for Eswatini, and to plan for Africa. Thank you, Jesus!

Struggles and triumphs! How to finance this trip sits atop our struggles. We purchased our airline tickets on faith, as we have done in the past, but without the safety net of Echo’s business to make up the deficits. We need $12,000 more for medicines, Bibles in SiSwati, and for travel in
Eswatini. However, God has miraculously provided as this number was $24,000 three weeks ago!!!

Now for the best part! We ask you to pray often for The Luke Commission here and abroad – for godly relations with the Emaswati with whom we labor, for finances to give away medicines to thousands, for more Bibles in SiSwati (thanks to you, we were able to buy 600 this month!), for safety as we travel the back roads of a 3rd-world country, for our luggage full of eyeglasses and other necessities for the ministry, for protection at the Liswati borders, for our children and our parents and our young friend Grace, for strength and health, for the bush clinics to be in the most needy areas, and, most importantly, for the salvation of Liswati souls!

Visit www.lukecommission.org & contact us at vanderwal@lukecommission.org. We will keep you updated from Eswatini asinternet connections allow.

Africa, here we come! It’s off to Eswatini the last week of March. The exact dates are MArch 28th to May 30th.