Dear Ones back home,

Gentle spring rains are falling on dry Eswatini, thanks to the Creator and Sustainer of all weather. The Emaswati are grateful, although rain interrupts their daily living. Last year when we were here at this time, the land was parched with no moisture in sight.

Also falling in Eswatini, Africa, is the gentle rain of God’s Holy Spirit. Yesterday at Mafutseni School, located next to a cultist Zionist church out in the country, 110 children accepted Jesus after seeing The Passion. In the evening 6 adults acknowledged their need of a Savior.

The smiles on the young people’s faces and their respectful curtsies, as we greet them our new brothers and sisters in Christ, make us so happy we can hardly stand it!

When we suggested to Pastor Joseph that he schedule another clinic for today, he answered, “No, you need to rest, because the spiritual battle you are in is so great.”

Therefore, today we’re returning to Mafutseni, a Zionist stronghold, to dress orphans and to give Bibles in SiSwati and English to those who were saved.

We have completed 13 of the 30 clinics that are scheduled b October 31.

Last week we traveled long distances to the north and to the south and held bush clinics in places that have never received medical attention. One was at a chief’s residence where people walked for miles to meet us and receive eyeglasses and medicine.

The chief and his council (bodyguards) greeted us with great ceremony. We set up the clinic in three beautifully-built grass and mud huts. One hut was the “doctor’s office,” another was the optometry hut, and the third was the pharmacy.

“What is happening in my area?” the chief asked. “No one has ever come before.”

During the long day, as the chief sat and watched his 350 people being treated, we saw tears in his eyes several times in a land where we seldom see anyone cry.

That night 400 to 500 Emaswati watched The Passion on our large screen listening with big speakers outside under the stars where there were no electrical lights for miles in any direction. One of the 3 pastors who had come to the clinic picked up our microphone and translated the English subtitles into SiSwati. It was so powerful that we watched him in awe.

When 119 responded to the invitation, another Liswati pastor said, “This is an historic night for our people. I have been praying for this for years.”

And we know you’ve been praying back at home, too. We ran out of worm medicine after Echo bought out the supplies of both pharmaceutical companies in Eswatini. But today one company “found” some higher doses which we will immediately put into use at Mafutseni.

We asked you to pray for SiSwati Bibles, and we have received a new supply at about $7 each. We know many of you give generously and sacrificially. We miss our team members who have returned to the States, but their work there and your prayer helps make the harvest here a reality. As together we “go into all the world to preach the Gospel,” what a privilege it is to labor in the Master’s vineyard.

Love in Jesus,
Jan Tuinstra for the team