Supporting Events on This Side of the Atlantic Ocean

The Luke Commission supporters in North America happily greet the VanderWal family every year when they return stateside with stories and appearances which thrill both the messengers and the recipients.

These annual special events currently take place in Idaho, the US headquarters for TLC, Oklahoma, and Ohio.

The VanderWals also speak in churches, community organizations, and universities, not to mention on radio and television programs, in Ontario, New York, Ohio, Idaho, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, North Carolina, and California.  They have appeared before Congressional committees in Washington, D.C.

It’s all part of letting supporters know what’s happening in Swaziland, what God is doing through The Luke Commission.

For just a sampling of specific events, see these stories:
“Gala in Snowy, Christmasy Idaho” 11/21/13
“’Evening in Swaziland’ Touches Lives Here/There” 11/2/12
“Idaho Golf Tourney Benefits The Luke Commission” 8/1/11
“TLC Auction Inspires Young & Old to Get Involved” 11/23/09
“A 5K Sprint That Stretches the Imagination from Xenia to Africa” 10/6/10
“Thank You for Coming, Oklahoma Friends!” 12/13/11
“How A Sewing Machine Can Travel” 2011 magazine
“No Bitty Pieces in This Puzzle” 2011 magazine
“Alumni Spotlight: Echo VanderWal ‘00” 7/2/09

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