Relationship to Ministry of Health

For several years, The Luke Commission worked under the radar in Swaziland. Swazi government officials knew TLC was serving their people free in the rural areas. No one objected, but neither was support vocally evident. 

Then in 2011, the Ministry of Health requested that TLC and the Kingdom of Swaziland enter into a expanded and tightly collaborative Memorandum of Understanding. The Kingdom of Swaziland and TLC enjoy a close, collaborative relationship, working together hand-in-hand to improve the health of the rural Swazis who cannot access health care in the cities. MOH defines TLC as a mobile hospital because it provides all the services that a Swazi hospital has including surgery, x-ray, laboratory, and a pharmacy. TLC is defined as part of the national healthcare framework, filling a gap in healthcare services for the rural patient.

Since 70% of the population lives in rural communities, most Swazis are not able to afford or to find transportation to urban health care facilities.  

Today, The Luke Commission is in active partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance. TLC does not duplicate any services already provided by the Swazi government, and the Ministry of Health recognizes, with appreciation, TLC’s willingness to offer comprehensive services, while fighting the HIV/AIDS and TB pandemic. 

Even the former Deputy Prime Minister publicly commended TLC for its compassionate medical work in his country.

He specifically recognized TLC’s patient-centered approach, making the services offered "very significant at the individual and community level.” In a speech delivered at TLC’s Awareness Dinner, DPM Masuku, noted, “Our people slip away daily without notice, but The Luke Commission’s outreach programs help us discover, prevent, recover and sustain our lives.”

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