Mobile Clinics vs Mobile Hospital Outreaches ie What’s in a Name?

Just in case the terminology “mobile hospital outreach” and “mobile clinic” may seem a little confusing, here’s a simple clarification.

For years, The Luke Commission gave free medical services at “mobile clinics.” This name was a starting point, although it never accurately described the logistics, vehicle convoy, and staff required to service communities in rural Swaziland. One thing that did become clear almost immediately – The Luke Commission goes to where Swazis live, where they need medical help the most.

Finally in 2011, a leading Swazi official said: “You are not a clinic. You are a hospital. You offer all the services our government hospitals provide. You are a hospital that goes to the people.”

Since then, we have tried to change the name of what we do. Old habits die hard, however, so please know that “mobile clinic” has grown into the “mobile hospital outreach.” 

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