Why Swaziland

HIV/AIDS has taken the lives of countless Swazis and left one-fifth of the children as orphans. Delay orphanhood. That is one of the main goals of The Luke Commission.

Since the outbreak of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, the country where The Luke Commission works has had the dubious distinction of having the highest HIV rate in the world.

Patients come to TLC mobile hospital outreaches for comprehensive health care, anything from a headache to a broken bone to a sick child to poor eyesight. In this non-invasive, non-threatening environment, patients are given several opportunities to test for HIV.

They are counseled individually, whether positive or negative. Those who test positive with low CD4 counts (determined at the outreaches from blood draws) are ushered into treatment with anti-retroviral medications. Those suspected of having tuberculosis are also x-rayed on site.

Circumcisions are performed in the mobile operating room. The Luke Commission circumcises more men and boys in one day than all the rest of Swaziland circumcision programs combined. Studies show the HIV transmission rate is cut 60% in circumcised males.

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