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The Luke Commission treats every patient who goes to a rural mobile hospital outreach. See how and why it’s done, reaching Every Last One.

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Mission and Vision

Mission: To deliver compassionate, comprehensive healthcare to the most isolated and underserved populations of southern Africa in collaboration with local communities, government, corporate, and non-profit partners.

Vision: To end the isolation of rural communities to quality, compassionate healthcare.

The Luke Commission continues to grow and to change. However, three C’s remain the same.

Commitment – Ten years ago Harry and Echo VanderWal first witnessed the devastation of HIV/AIDS on the southern African country of Swaziland.  They saw that health care didn’t reach so many of the Swazis who live in rural areas due to lack of transport.  

This was not an isolated problem that could be solved quickly or easily.  The VanderWals knew The Luke Commission had to be dedicated to stay long, work hard, and reach rural Swazis one at a time in their own communities.

Compassionate – TLC sees all humans as precious.  Swazis hold great value whether they are young or old, poor and orphaned, sick but not able to access to medical assistance.  

The Luke Commission staff members treat and touch hundreds at just one mobile hospital outreach, but they reach out one after one after one to address the needs of individual Swazis.  

Comprehensive – The Luke Commission provides more than 28 services at every mobile hospital outreach.  That has increased from 4 services in 2005.  

TLC’s comprehensive approach to rural health care has become a model that must be replicated.  It takes the stigma out of being treated – whether it’s for HIV, TB, STI’s, chronic medical conditions, or just the typical aches and pains.  

TLC’s comprehensive model includes many partners and experts in various fields, including intensive coordination with the Swazi government so services are neither duplicated nor overlooked. 

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