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The Luke Commission serves the most isolated and underserved people of Eswatini with free, comprehensive, compassionate health care. At the fixed-site Miracle Campus and extensive outreach network across Eswatini, TLC delivers mobile health services through over 200,000 patient visits annually and serves as a center of excellence for digital solutions, compassionate medicine, and leadership development with a resilient team of over 700 local staff.  



TLC serves the most isolated and underserved populations of Eswatini free of charge, many of whom have no access to health services.

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All activities are tightly coordinated through a self-developed digital ecosystem. TLC has emerged as a center of excellence for comprehensive health care offerings including COVID-19 treatment, minor surgical procedures, HIV services, cancer screening, cornea transplants, cataract surgeries, pharmacy services, counseling, and more—42 health services and counting. 

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In Eswatini, the country with the highest rate of HIV/AIDS infection globally (26%).

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Multi-Disciplinary Solutions Innovated

With advanced skills developed in almost every discipline and a deep commitment to character and leadership development, TLC serves as regional center of excellence for not only comprehensive medical and emergency care but also for woodworking, fleet maintenance and repair, inventory logistics, construction, and highly integrated digital solutions.

Hospital Services

TLC provides 24/7 inpatient and outpatient services for COVID-19, TB, snakebites, minor surgical procedures, HIV, cancer screening, eye screening, pharmacy services, counseling, and much more—42 health services and counting. 

Miracle Campus

A robust infrastructure of medical facilities, oxygen services, supply chain and logistics warehouses, housing, and support functions, the Miracle Campus serves as TLC’s logistical hub and heartbeat of staff development as the team mobilizes throughout the country to reach Every Last One with compassionate care.

Training & Leadership Center of Excellence (TLCE)

TLCE operates at the heart of TLC’s vision to treat the whole person and provide counseling, leadership training, and skills development to empower all patients, staff, and trainees to serve others as a father, mother, brother, sister, or child.


Digital Solutions

Recognized as an MIT Solve Award finalist, a passionate team of engineers and software developers continue to expand an internally developed digital ecosystem that integrates business and operational functions, including time and attendance, scheduling, fleet, project management, electronic medical records, and more.

Construction, Trades, & Farming

Over 100 full-time staff champion TLC’s

ongoing development of the Miracle

Campus and comprehensive outreach

operations through construction,

fleet maintenance and repair,

woodworking, and steel works.

Additionally, vegetables, maize, and beans

are cultivated year-round on a 70-hectare

(170-acre) farm.

Medical Gas & Biomed Repair 

The PSA oxygen plant supports up to

2,500LPM of medical grade oxygen and

will have the capacity to fill over 285

cylinders per day for distribution to

medical facilities throughout Eswatini.

Biomedical technicians service and

repair vitals monitors, ventilators, and

other medical and plant equipment to

ensure resources are readily available to

serve our VIPs (Very Important Patients).

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Poor Health Complicates But Needs Not Defeat Intimate and cherished relationships are often complicated by poverty and poor health. This truth is echoed repeatedly as The Luke Commission staff seek to treat each person as their own mother, father, sister, brother,...

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Beginning Marriage with Abandoned Joy

Beginning Marriage with Abandoned Joy The Luke Commission’s executive directors, Harry and Echo VanderWal, are rather low-key; they prefer to work as part of a team rather than be routinely in the limelight. Some supporters know while some do not, that the VanderWals...

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New Quarters, New Beds, New Lights, New Fans & More

New Quarters, New Beds, New Lights, New Fans & More Swing by the Miracle Campus these days and see so much movement, so much construction, so many happy patients, and so many patient patients waiting and wondering what’s next. The old wing of the hospital (TOB) is...

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