Just Who and What is TLC?

The Luke Commission has come “into its own” in Swaziland, recognized as a leading mobile medical team and openly appreciated by both the governments of the United States and the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Operating since 2005 under the direction of Dr. Harry and Echo (PAC) VanderWal, The Luke Commission (TLC) takes free health care and hope to the most isolated and underserved populations, in partnership with the Swazi people and the Ministry of Health.

Swazis who live in remote areas are the poor, the elderly, the children, and the ill. Often those who are sickest return to their rural homesteads to seek final care from relatives.

This is where TLC intercedes. Mobile hospital outreach sites are set up in outermost parts of this small country, whose population is fighting for its very existence. HIV/AIDS has taken the lives of countless Swazis and left one-fifth of the children as orphans. Delaying orphanhood. That has become one of the main aims of The Luke Commission.

Patients are tested, counseled and linked to treatment for HIV/AIDS. Those suspected of having TB are x-rayed and started on medications.