Mobile Health


Radiating in all directions from the Miracle Campus in central Eswatini, TLC reaches all four regions of Eswatini with mobile health services. In teams as small as three or as large as 50, TLC brings health care to homes, churches, factories, urban centers, schools, and community centers. Nearly every week, TLC hosts up to a dozen outreaches of various sizes every week.

Outreach patients proceed through a series of numbered stations, receiving services at each station from highly trained personnel. At check-in, each patient receives a scannable token. This token identifies patients at all following stations for tracking medical history and concerns in a custom-designed electronic medical record (EMR).

Blood pressure, blood sugar, and HIV testing provide a baseline for treatment decisions. Patients who test positive for HIV are counseled and offered antiretroviral medication (now one pill per day for most regimens). When taken faithfully, ART (antiretroviral therapy) reduces the virus to undetectable and untransmissible levels (U=U). Patients at risk of contracting HIV are offered PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), which reduces transmission of HIV by 90% or more.

Mobile health outreaches offer male- and female-specific care (including cervical cancer screening). Outreaches also serve as a platform for follow-up treatment for patients with HIV, TB, cancer and other chronic illnesses.

TLC coordinates assistive devices for patients with disabilities, custom-fitting devices to each patient. Assistive devices include mobility devices, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and canes generously provided by Free Wheelchair Mission, Hope and Healing International, and Mobility Worldwide.

Those with poor eyesight are tested and receive reading eyeglasses. Patients with cataracts are scheduled for later surgery at the Miracle Campus.

Packets of medication for common diseases and illnesses are distributed by the hundreds of thousands, each prescribed by a doctor and including instructions in Siswati.

In parallel to physical care, TLC offers spiritual care for patients who choose to receive prayer or counseling.