Mission and Vision


To deliver compassionate, comprehensive healthcare to the most isolated and underserved populations of southern Africa in collaboration with local communities, government, corporate, and non-profit partners.


TLC sees all humans as precious, whether they are young or old, poor, orphaned, sick, or disabled. Every day, TLC staff members care for hundreds of patients, starting early and staying late to reach and serve Every Last One.


TLC’s comprehensive approach to health starts with what patients need and desire. Both at outreaches and at the Miracle Campus, TLC offers a full panel of more than 40 health services. This comprehensive approach greatly reduces stigma associated with treatment.

TLC treats each patient with dignity and confidentiality. Whatever the health issue—HIV, TB, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), chronic medical conditions, or typical aches and pains—the TLC team is ready to help.

TLC’s comprehensive model includes many partners and experts in various fields. Coordination with the Eswatini Ministry of Health ensures that services are neither duplicated nor overlooked.


To end the isolation of underserved communities to quality healthcare.

For many Emaswati, lack of transport prevents access to health services. With 70% of the population residing in rural communities, many Emaswati are not able to afford or even to find transportation to urban health care facilities.

With outreaches across the Kingdom of Eswatini and an innovative transport sponsorship program to transport patients to the Miracle Campus, TLC ensures patients get the care they need. In addition to rural communities, other underserved communities reached by TLC include factories and peri-urban/semi-rural communities.