Core Values

TLC staff recite TLC’s core values the TLC DNA at a group prayer circle as each workday begins. These values inform conduct, guide decisions, and deepen compassionate care.


Teachable Spirit

We choose to respond to correction, redirection, and instruction from any authority promptly and with gratitude. As learners, we recognize that others have deeper understanding and broader perspective.


Looks for Solutions

We choose to engage every challenge by asking for God’s insight, seeking understanding, and determining a course of action as a team. To protect this approach, we reject complaining and gossip.


Committed to Unity

We choose to trust leaders, practice transparency, and live interdependent (not independent) lives. When unity is threatened or compromised, we lovingly and boldly engage in caring crucial conversations.


Dedicated to Every Last One

We choose to care for every last patient with compassion, no matter the cost of time or energy. Like the shepherd who leaves 99 safe sheep for one vulnerable sheep, we are unshakably committed to Every Last One.


Not About Me = Servanthood

We choose to focus on others instead of ourselves. We joyfully give up our personal expectations and demands in order to be fully available to serve others, especially the most isolated and underserved.


Attitude of Gratefulness

We choose to look for and celebrate God’s daily and miraculous provision. We give thanks to God, knowing God has given us everything we need to love and serve him as we love and serve others.