Miracle Campus

Fixed-Site Health Services

In addition to offering all health services available at mobile hospital outreaches, the Miracle Campus also offers emergency and surgical health care at the Specialty Care and Surgical Centre (SCSC). Opened in March 2020, SCSC includes a flexible outpatient department, an urgent/casualty department, three operating rooms, X-ray/ultrasound, and a pharmacy.

Emergency care takes on special significance during snakebite season, as the Miracle Campus stocks antivenom and has successfully treated dozens of snakebite patients, many of whom are children.

Inpatients at the Miracle Campus reside at TLC’s newly-opened inpatient ward. With 120 beds, the facility includes a men’s ward, a women’s ward, and 30 private rooms. Inpatients at TLC include those who need additional support as they go on medication regimens as well as those who are very ill (often as a result of HIV/AIDS). TLC cares for severe and critical COVID-19 cases in private rooms originally designed for tuberculosis (TB) patients.