That’s what a community leader declared at Sinceni Primary School, Eswatini, at an April Luke Commission mobile hospital outreach.

Smartly dressed in a suit and tie despite the 90-degree temperature, this man sported an eclectic smile.  His walk indicated purpose and tenacity.  After all, The Luke Commission had come to his area.  It did, indeed, promise to be a busy day.

Meanwhile, TLC staff leader Sipho Mabuza talked to many, many boys gathered in the schoolyard.  When he was commended for speaking clearly and convincingly, Sipho replied:  “It is a gift given to me by my Lord.  It’s not me.”

TLC national leader Sipho Mabuza explains circumcision to school boys at Sinceni Primary School in rural Eswatini. That day 86 males were circumcised. The procedure alone cuts HIV transmission by 60%.

Later, after dark, I passed the community leader again.  He no longer had his tie on, but he was still wearing his smile.

“It’s still a busy day,” I said.  He nodded in agreement and shook my hand with thankfulness in his grip.

Crowds gather for The Luke Commission mobile hospital outreach.
As hundreds are treated, hundreds more take their place to
await treatment.

Some 862 patients received medical treatment, and 86 men and boys were circumcised.  Busy and blessed, to be sure.

Janet Tuinstra with The Luke Commission