Training and building go hand in hand at The Luke Commission Miracle Campus these days.

And amid all, it rains. And rains.

Remember when TLC first came to Eswatini? We used to pray for rain routinely and regularly. The country faced drought conditions year after year.

Emaswati are still thankful for rain when it comes. They call rain a “blessing,” even if they are soaked and knee-deep in mud.  So blessed we are.  Blessed and then blessed again.

Meanwhile, TLC’s staff trains.  Twenty-five are enrolled in an HIV Counseling and Testing course with the Ministry of Health, The AIDS Information and Support Center (TASC) and TLC medical personnel.

Even more staff members attend daily training sessions on HIV, diabetes, blood pressure, and other common illnesses. They receive instruction about how to interview patients to determine their medical needs, how to be compassionate and understanding, and how to manage crowds with a smile. That’s just for starters.

Meanwhile, building on the Miracle Campus is in high gear–roofs and walls are raised, large doors hung, interiors completed, furnishings constructed, bricks laid outdoors, retaining walls erected, foliage planted, and, yes, rain gutters installed and drainage ditches dug.

TLC’s fleet of vehicles needs to be repaired and serviced.  All outreach equipment and supplies require cleaning, organizing, and restocking.

Mandatory and crucial:  TLC must maintain and supervise an ever-growing fleet of vehicles to reach those faraway and isolated communities with free healthcare.

Outreaches will resume soon.  Until then, the Miracle Campus is alive with activity.  Since “a picture is worth a thousand words,” here are many photos which will speak tens of thousands of words, as well as a simple, “thank you, Jesus.”


Staff comes from all points to begin each work morning with prayer, singing, and God’s Word.



Thank you to all those who have supported and prayed for the Miracle Campus.  See what God is doing.  Truly it was, is, and will continue to be a miracle, a blessing.  Rejoice!