The Luke Commission works with other doctors and medical services in Eswatini. We value their partnerships, as this story shows.

At a recent outreach, for instance, a woman came at dusk. Zanele Mngometulu didn’t want medical treatment or eyeglasses or shoes or medicines. She didn’t need a wheelchair, that’s for sure. She was dancing!

“Thank you for helping me,” said exclaimed. “I tell many people what The Luke Commission has done,”

At an outreach last fall, Harry and Echo examined a large tumor on Zanele’s neck. Although an attractive woman, her countenance was sad, and the tumor hid her natural beauty. “It was one of those times, we would have loved to operate,” said Echo, “but knew we should be cautious.”

TLC referred her to a hospital in Mbabane and recommended a surgeon. In November 2014, she underwent surgery. “I have had no problems, no pain since,” Zanele said. TLC paid the bill.

She proudly showed her scar. “I’m very much happy,” was her repeated phrase in Siswati.

Did she realize TLC helped her in Jesus’ name? “Yes, Jesus led me to TLC. He will lead others.”

The mother of six children, this 37-year-old lady was pleased her husband had a job. “He searches around the country for cows to take to the butchery,” she explained.

Thank you for participating in these victory stories, which reach into the eternity beyond what we can imagine.

Rejoicing together,  Janet Tuinstra for TLC team everywhere