Linah waited quietly for a wheelchair at a Luke Commission mobile outreach in her rural community.

A sudden stroke a few months prior took away her clear speech and her ability to walk, but not her ability to observe with her eyes and to reason with a mature mind.

“I have been watching,” Linah mumbled. “The Luke Commission is nice to everyone here. I see. I watch.”

Now the 80-year-old grandmother Linah depends on her daughter and daughter-in-law to do everything for her. Linah raised nine children; six are still living. Her husband died “long time.”

These days, Linah lives with a son, daughter-in-law, and their five children. Her daughter-in-law is her primary caregiver.

After a TLC staff member assembles the new Free Wheelchair Mission chair, Linah is gently lifted from the ground into her new chair.

It’s a chair that can be folded when not is use or being transported. That brings a sweet, crooked smile to Linah’s lips, as she claps her hands.

“Thank you for giving me this chair,” she stammers.

Her daughter-in-law more loudly declared: “I’m very thankful to be given this wheelchair. No one will sit in her chair now but Gogo (Grandmother). It’s special.”

TLC staff adjusted the footrests and the seat belt to fit Linah perfectly.

Yes, it’s a perfect day for an elderly Liswati lady and her caregivers.

By Janet Tuinstra, on behalf of TLC and FWM