A special aura descends over a Luke Commission outreach when day turns to night.

At dusk, patients may become a little impatient because their homesteads are far away, and they wonder if they came too late. Once darkness settles in, however, patients seem to relax again, knowing TLC is not leaving until they receive help.

With that in mind, and with photos telling the stories without many words, we offer these glimpses of nighttime outreaches. (JT)​

Waiting in the doctors’ room…​


Behaving for Grandma…​


Loading a walker and crutches in the back of a bakkie (truck)…​


Riding home – the young, the old, those who cannot walk…​


Greeting a former patient pedaling his well-worn mobility cart…​


Assembling a wheelchair for a mom who thought she had missed the opportunity for her disabled daughter. Not so!​


Raining, but Grandma and her grandbaby do not mind…​


Repacking TLC truck in rain starting to fall…​


Sorting… TLC staff members work with smiles to set up rides for disabled patients.​


Mothering…and carrying twins for the long walk home…​


Trying to stay dry and warm while waiting…​


Lighting the darkness with headlights from TLC vehicles…​


Packing at night…​


Teaming up…​


Bye, bye…​