Yes, your prayers and God’s blessings are abundantly supplying The Luke Commission with everything we need, just like He promises in Philippians 4:19. We know you’d like to hear about some of the miracles…

Eyeglasses: We needed to restock the 2,700 eyeglasses we gave away on our last visit and, hopefully, add more inventory to help Emaswati with poor eyesight.
Deadends! That’s what we kept encountering. Our usual sources were unable to fill our orders. Then two weeks ago, a man from a Lions Club in North Carolina called us as we trav-eled up and down the Eastern States and Canada. The Lions club gentleman asked, “How many glasses do you need?” We explained that we need 4,000 a trip. He asked if 500 would help. ”Sure,” we said. Next day, the call came with this question: “Do you want 500 or 4,000?” Have you guessed the end of this miracle? The pickup location was 6 miles from where we were. We immediately shipped the eyeglasses to Ohio for processing.
To God be the glory! We appreciate all those who faithfully give their old eyeglasses and collect from others. Those are ready for us to carry with us to Eswatini, too. God answered the prayers of those collecting and praying all over America and Canada.

Miracles, miracles and more miracles…
The $60,000 for April and May clinics to buy medicines, Bibles, and expenses to set up 30 bush clinics has been donated! And the cup has overflown – we have a financial start for the September/October trip. Thankyou, Jesus.
Contributions have arrived from strangers who just heard or read about The Luke Commission, from friends and family, from fellow believers we have met at churches, from old and new acquaintances.
Every day held surprises for The Luke Commission. Like the Philippians, Paul commended, we know many of you gave NOT from your abundance or over flow but sacrificially. Thank you.

Pray… for our health as we travel the byways of southern Africa.This month, 1,000 SiSwati Bibles were purchased. Please pray the Bible Society of South Africa will fill the remaining 2,000 ordered. We still have 40-page tracts in SiSwati which we can give away liberally. Finally, Dear Ones: Might we bow before the Lord and ask for the salvation of hundreds and thousands
of Emaswati. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

Heightened safety concerns:
A Canadian missionary couple were burglarized and brutally attacked twice recently in Eswatini. All their valuables were stolen and the husband was almost killed. They have returned to Canada. We will add more security to the house we rent in Manzini.
The 2-year-old daughter of one of our lead translators, Sipho, died the day we left last fall. We now know that she was poisoned by a witchdoctor because of Sipho’s affiliation with TLC. Please pray a hedge of protection around our Liswati staff as well as those of us from the US.

To the hundreds of people on the TLC team inAmerica and Canada who America and Canada who make this ministry possible, we say thanks for:

…making diapers, blankets, wraps, purses, eyeglass cases, and clothes for distribution in Eswatini
…campaigning for TLC
…contributing financially
…soliciting seeds for Emaswati
…donating medical supplies and optical equipment
…collecting eyeglasses from individuals and local Lions clubs
…reading and barcoding eyeglasses
…setting up speaking engagements
…developing the short term aspect of TLC
…housing us
…feeding us
…transporting us and luggage to airport
…encouraging us
…praying for us
…loving us
…being an integral, irreplaceable part of TLC

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friend to join our e-mail list, simply write
For the next two months, our e-mails from Eswatini will come in text without graphics due to computer connections.